A Conversational Experience Platform

ChatLeads is a cloud platform providing an ecosystem of chatbot development tools & integrations to help organizations design performance driven conversations.

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Your Customers Are Online

They want:

  • Real time Service: No waitinng in line or in queue.
  • Personalization: Context help brands deliver much better experiences.
  • Meaningful Experiences create omni-channel brand engagement.

Problem For Growth Teams

They want:

  • Invest human resources for mundane tasks.
  • Risk dissatisfying customers with delayed responses.
  • Miss out on conversion because of bad customer experiences.

The Messaging Opportunity


  • Integrated messaging will save time.
  • Automating service will free up resources and enhance the customer journey.
  • Optimize your digital channels for conversion from conversation

Compile commonly asked questions on social media with ChatLeads F.A.Q builder.

Build meaningful relationships with your subscribers using ChatLeads.

Deliver on context at scale with Facebook Messenger driven campaigns.

Analytics to see the conversational metrics that matter.

ChatLeads In Action


Keep Subscribers Engaged

Advanced Broadcasting

Create customer lists and target your messages based on location, new customers, past purchases, spending, conversation history, and much more.

Keep Customers On The Same Page

Order Status

Handle product related queries about inventory, delivery & shipping time. ChatLeads will sync the bot with your e-commerce order management system. Grow a conversational marketing channel with ChatLeads

Keep the Team Involved

Live Agent Takeover

If unable to provide a satisfactory answer ChatLeads will hand over to a salesperson and once the matter is settled, the bot will automatically take over the conversation, and prompt the user to take a satisfaction survey.

Don't Worry About Usage Restrictions

Unlimited Bots

Use ChatLeads with as many pages as you want, to deploy as many bots. Feel free to experiment and improve your bot to offer your customers an enhanced experience on Messenger.

The Right Analytics For Your Chatbot

Measure Your Marketing

Measure the right social metrics with your bot. Optimize your broadcasting campaigns for the right time and content by learning from the analytics that ChatLeads has to offer. Measure open rate, reply rate, satisfaction & sentiment levels!