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How business messaging with chatbots can enhance the customer experience

The brands engaging in digital channels in the World cannot ignore the role of business messaging in their respective customer journeys. Whether it is on Whatsapp, Viber or Messenger, customers will soon be opting to communicate through these channels over...

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Understanding Conversational A.I.

Sounds like a couple of keywords strung together. But, it is actually very useful for businesses when it comes to automating customer service and executing effective social media campaigns. So, what is it? More then any one tool or technology,...

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Building 10,000 Funnels From Social Media Conversations

https://youtu.be/pmbw98Ml36g Welcome to the first installment in the series, “Conversion from Conversation”, a video series on our take of best practices of building chatbots and leveraging conversations to create value for a business. For digital marketers, building funnels seems to...

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Introducing Conversion From Conversation

Chatbots have been gaining significant traction since 2016 as they gained popularity in the mainstream marketing space. To share actionable insights & tips, Shadab Mahbub & Malinda Senanayake is partnering up for “Conversion from Conversation” — a 10 video series...

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[Infographic] CX & Conversational Commerce (White paper)

Want More? The full white paper is available for download on this link.

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