Introducing Conversion From Conversation

August 16th, 2018

Chatbots have been gaining significant traction since 2016 as they gained popularity in the mainstream marketing space. To share actionable insights & tips, Shadab Mahbub & Malinda Senanayake is partnering up for “Conversion from Conversation” — a 10 video series to start a movement on building performance driven chatbots.

Introducing Conversion From Conversation

There are over 3 billion people connected over instant messaging applications today, and chatbots are the world’s best best bet in terms of leveraging this statistic at scale.

The series promises to look at such various tools and technologies out there and how those tools can be used to acquire subscribers first and then get them to engage and also to get them converted. One of the most important things we have to keep in mind is that messaging will always involve playing by strict rules and policies to avoid unsubscription and to be red flagged by Messenger.

Conversion from Conversation aims to be deep dive on real life business problems, technology insights and practical use cases for businesses of all sizes to areas related to broadcasting, commerce within chatbots, user subscription, engagement and much more!

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