Customer Experience

The days of forms and phones are coming to an end as artificial technology is empowering us to humanize technology driven experiences. We are beginning to see self driving cars, robot agents and automated retail stores.

The ascension of A.I into the nooks and crannies of the mainstream lifestyle can be easily visualized in sci-fi novels and movies. The fourth industrial revolution essentially guarantees the adoption of such technology and cements this prophecy from imagination to near-distant reality.

Pursuit of Meaningful Experiences:

A large counter argument to this transformation includes points such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Degradation of culture and society as human interaction is minimized.
  • Potential apathy among A.I natives i.e. people who experience A.I. driven interactions from a very early age.

These are very real & valid arguments, however they are not new. Automation & innovation have always come at some expense, but will the adoption of such technology lead to adverse societal changes?

The adoption of this technology is inspired by more than just capitalism. It is powered by the human ambition to pursue meaningful experiences in all aspects of life.

Learning, teaching, exercising, scientific research, disaster management etc are some of the experiences which will be enriched with the adoption of artificial intelligence. By enriched, we mean that as opposed to spending hours on time consuming but critical tasks such as data collection, entry, validation, processing & evaluating, the human intellectual input will be more towards genuine value creation.

Essentially, artificial intelligence paves the way for us to strip the mundane aspects of all experiences – sitting in traffic, standing in line, standing by for customer service reps, waiting for banks to process loan applications are such examples of those mundane aspects.

In a version of life, where we get to enjoy more meaningful experiences, we will reap the benefits of better outcomes from what we choose to spend our time on.